“Scenic picnic What could he have in mind? Charm and lushness in the forest Volcanic manic That most happy life”
“Confused and disordered Doing many things at once And still, I don’t want to sit This is my quest”
“After emptiness You and I now Chin, jaw, yawn Your face is like a cat”
“Will not waste time doubting With me, it’s bad luck Lie face up Stand. Stop Game interrupted”
“Far away in the sky Each time Absent mind Pour out. Spill I ask myself Addicted to drinking”
“A thunderstorm Bursting with white fur Whatever it’s worth Have strength Earth Forest Mistake bad for good”

In the deepest night, fire and light
Shattered stars and daggers
Dispelling effect.  Heal and attack
As he goes from here
“Laugh Run wild The spirit of youth Comes back for awhile Experiments In form and style”
“Head up head down Reflecting on the color RED And the sun’s radiance Solid and warm It won’t last long I sat so long”